Mandzukic: ‘A软件项目赚钱吗t Juventus for Allegri’

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“That was one of the main reasons for my choice. At first we needed time to get to know each other. I was in a new team and I didn&r21点官网squo;t know Allegri well because I’d never worked with him before.

“He’s a great guy, and that’s an im网络外围投注portant quality for me. I like to talk with him, and we joke a lot.

“I came to Juventus above all because [Coach] Allegri really wanted me,” Mandzukic to六合投注网站ld Sky.

The Croatian joined the Bianconeri from Atletico Madrid last summer, and has scored 12 goals in all competitions so far this season.

Mario Mandzukic reveals he joined Juventus “above all because Max Allegri really wanted me”.

“He’s a great Coach too, he knows so much about football. We have a super relationship.”

“After a little time we started to understand each other better and better, and now we understand each other perfectly.