Pogba: ‘I take more 蹦极项目赚钱吗risks’

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“I’m happy with my season,” Pogba told RMC Sport.

Pogba was also asked about the national team, with France hosting the European Championships this summer.

“This year I’ve had more responsibility, so that made me grow. I always need the advice of the Coach [Massimiliano Allegri].

The midfielder has 10 goals and 14 assists for the Bianconeri so far this season, helping his side to the Scudetto with the Coppa Italia final still to come.

“I want to win it all this year, if we don’t win it’ll be a disappointment for everyone. But if we don’t win, maybe it’ll help us grow.

Paul Pogba believes he “progressed” with Juventus this season, and reveals “I take more risks”.

“It’s down to me to progress, and I’m always trying to do it in the right way.”

"When I call him 'Uncle Pat' it's a joke, but it's true. He's like an uncle to everyone. He helps us, he ha在线外围投注s so much experience and he offers advice.

Finally, the 23-year-old discussed his international and club teammate Patrice Evra, who he famously calls 'Uncle Pat'.

“I’m still young, I’m looking for perfection and I hope to reach that level.

"He's my big brother," Pogba explained.

“It took me a bit of time to take the game by the scruff of the neck and show more.

"I consider him my brother."

“It wouldn’t be the end of the world, but lets see – I want to win!”

“This is Paul Pogba, that’s how I am. I’m still trying to progress though, to do these things at the right times. That’s where21点官网 I have to improve.

“I take more risks, but that’s because there are fewer people to take them. Before there was [Andrea] Pirlo, [Arturo] Vidal, [Carlos] Tevez – I was surrounded.

“I don’t dream of being captain of the French national team one day, I dream of having a great career and winning a lot of caps.

“I want to break [Lilian] Thuram’s record, be a great player for France and win everything. My goal now is to win the Euros.

“Some experienced players like [Sami] Khedira or [Mario] Mandzukic joined us, but it’s true that I had to give a bit more to the team.

“I think I’ve progressed, and that shows in my stats: my assists, my goals. I beat all my records this year, I’m quite proud.

&l网上21点dquo;I was always told that I do it too much, I’m like that. Sometimes tricks will come off, other times not, but that’s me.

“I have a lot more games under my belt now. I’m starting to know when to keep the ball, when to change the pace – that kind of stuff. That’s what I’ve progressed in.

“Can I still progress? Of course, I’m always looking for perfection. But when I play, I don’t try to impress the crowd, I just play my football. I’ve always been that way.